Personal Marketing Explicit Consent

Based on the clarification text submitted to me (informed express consent), all of my personal data, including my purchasing information, my online and offline usage behaviors / consumption habits, shall be transferred to Armoni Bilgisayar Ltd. Sti. Carrying out all kinds of direct and indirect personal marketing activities such as (1) personal advertisements, campaigns, offers, promotions, sweepstakes, contests, events, gift coupons, promotions and similar in digital and/or other channels, (2) personalized marketing analysis studies ( profiling, targeting, retargeting and the like), (3) planning personal activities to be developed on customer acquisition or value creation in existing customers, (4) planning and executing personalized activities to create or increase loyalty to products or services, and (5) personal campaign performances. I give my explicit consent to be processed for the purposes of carrying out measurement and reporting activities and to be transferred to your suppliers, group companies, business partners and related buyer parties in possible merger, acquisition/operation and commercial business transfer processes for the same purposes.