Announcement Regarding the Extension of the Uploading Period of the Secondary Copies of the e-Ledger and Certificate Files to the Presidency Systems for the January-February-March / 2020 Periods


As it is known, with the Electronic Ledger General Communiqué No. 1, which was changed with the Electronic Book Communiqué No. 3 published in the Official Gazette dated 19/10/2019 and numbered 30923, our taxpayers who are registered in the e-Ledger Application will begin , it is obliged to transfer the secondary copies of the e-Ledgers they keep and the related certificate files to the IT Systems of our Agency within the periods specified in the “e-Ledger Storage Guide”. According to the aforementioned Guide, it is stated that our taxpayers must upload the e-Ledger and certificate files for the first 3 months of 2020 until 05/02/2021.

Our Agency is in the first loading period for the application in question, there is an excessive intensity both in the Information Processing Systems of our Presidency and in the information processing systems of our taxpayers and professionals, ensuring that the use of the application is sufficiently experienced by our taxpayers, and also when the requests from professional chambers and professional members are evaluated together, In order not to cause any unjust treatment, it has been evaluated that it would be appropriate to extend the deadline for the first three months of 2020 in the aforementioned Guide until 12/02/2021, and in this context, it has been deemed appropriate to update the said Guide.

In this context, regarding the first three months of 2020, it is also of great importance for our taxpayers who have not yet sent / cannot send secondary copies of e-Ledgers and related certificate files, to start loading transactions immediately without waiting for the last day and days, and to prevent penal sanctions that may arise due to not loading on time supplies.

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