A look at current cyberattacks in Ukraine

Presented by
Costin Raiu, Marco Preuss, Kurt Baumgartner, Dan Demeter, Ivan Kwiatkowski

About this talk
Kaspersky researchers have been monitoring the activity of APT actors, cybercriminals and hacktivists currently involved in the conflict in Ukraine. During this webinar, the Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) will share their findings on the most recent cyberattacks targeting Ukraine and present their observations, analysis and top findings.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:
– The types of attacks that have been targeting Ukraine for the past few months
– The results of analysis on destructive attacks and malware (HermeticWiper, etc…)
– How organizations can defend themselves against cyberattacks
GReAT, Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team, consists of 40 researchers based around the world that work on uncovering APTs, cyberespionage campaigns, major malware, ransomware and underground cybercriminal trends across the world. The webinar will be led by:
– Costin Raiu, Director of GReAT
– Marco Preuss, Head of GReAT Europe
– Kurt Baumgartner, Principal Researcher, GReAT, North America
– Dan Demeter, Senior Security Researcher, GReAT Europe
– Ivan Kwiatkowski, senior security researcher, GReAT Europe

The webinar will be followed by a Q&A session for attendees to ask questions to the speakers.